Four Reasons to Never Drink and Drive

Every 2 minutes in America, another person is injured in a car crash due to drunk driving. Most offenders are not intending to injure or kill others, but they are not able to make sound decisions in their inebriated stage. There are a lot of reasons not to drink and drive, but let’s look at four of the biggest ones.

Your Abilities Are Impaired

Alcohol will actually slow down your reaction time and so you cannot respond appropriately in the way you need to be able to when you’re driving. Your blood alcohol level can be over the limit even when you’ve only had a few drinks. You may not be able to notice that you are too drunk to drive because your judgment has been impaired. Once you get pulled over or get into an accident, there is no way to cover up being drunk.

You Are Putting Others At Risk

It’s easy to not care about your own safety. You can be willing to take a risk if it means possibly being injured, but are you willing to injure or even kill another person? Living with the injury or the death of another person due to drunk driving is one of the most difficult things to do. It just isn’t worth it.

It Can Be A Pain

Even if somehow you manage to get home without killing or injuring yourself or others, if you get a DUI, it will be a legal pain you will have to deal with for many years to come. You have to think about hiring a lawyer, doing jail time, your insurance rates going up, etc. Some countries (like Canada) won’t even let you visit if you have a DUI.

You Don’t Need To

There is really never any reason to drive drunk. You can always call a friend to pick you up or call an Uber or call a cab if you do drink. Another thing you may want to consider is simply not drinking at all. You may find that not drinking is one of the best decisions that you ever made.