Physical and Social Dangers of Alcohol Addiction


Alcohol addiction can be incredibly consequential to both your physical health and the health of your personal relationships. While having an occasional drink generally does not cause catastrophic damage to the body or relationships, the dangers of prolonged alcohol addiction are very real. According to the Mayo Clinic, prolonged alcohol addiction can increase the risk of developing medical issues such as liver diseases, digestive problems, heart complications, diabetes complications, issues performing sexual actions, menstruation issues, deteriorating vision, bone damage, weakened immune system, cancer and neurological conditions. This increased chance of these conditions may reduce one’s life expectancy or simply cause sudden death.


In addition, physical harm can come to those who suffer from alcohol addiction because of the behaviors that they demonstrate while they are under the influence of alcohol. In some instances, addicts who may be under the influence attempt to operate a vehicle or piece of heavy machinery. This risk behavior can not only cause harm to the intoxicated person but those around them as well. Accidental deaths because of this type of behavior can result in legal action that may result in heavy fines and jail times depending on the severity of the offense.


In regards to the social consequences of alcohol addiction, often times, alcohol addiction causes significant relationship deterioration. The Mayo Clinic reports that alcohol addicts oftentimes disregard social and work functions in order to drink alcohol instead. It is also common for this social deterioration to occur when addicts are confronted by their friends and family regarding their drinking, as addicts tend to deny the fact that they have a substance problem.


In order to avoid the chances of developing the aforementioned medical problems, accidentally injuring individuals while under the influence and permanently damage social relationships, those who suffer from alcohol addiction should seek help from either their primary care physician or seek assistance from a rehabilitation program. It is also highly recommended that those who know individuals who are addicted to alcohol should suggest that the addiction sufferer seek professional help before permanent consequences manifest themselves.