Signs You May Need to Go To Rehab

You may think your drinking has gotten out of control. Your loved ones may be concerned. It may be possible to stop drinking on your own or to seek help through a therapist or support groups. But when do you know if it’s time to go rehab? Here are some signs it may be time for you to seek help from a rehabilitation facility.

1. You have driven drunk.

Obviously, this being a blog against drunk driving, I think this is the biggest deal. While this may be obvious if your drunk driving has caused an accident, injury, or even death, if you have driven drunk and gotten away with it, you still need to think about this. Driving drunk puts you and everyone on the road at risk of injury or death. If you would risk that, you may need to seriously re-evaluate your situation.

2. Your loved ones have asked you to quit drinking.

If your significant other, friends, or family have tried to talk to you about your drinking, you may have met them with resistance initially. But you should take a moment and really think about what they are saying. If you want to quit drinking but don’t know how, rehab may be a great solution.

3. You have been kicked out of school or lost your job due to alcohol-related issues.

If you have missed work or school because you were hungover so many times that you got kicked out, you may need to seriously consider seeking treatment for your issue at a rehabilitation facility. If you feel like you are on thin ice with your job or school, going to rehab now may be the only thing that will save it.

4. You drink during the day or every day.

If you can’t go a week without drinking, if you feel like you NEED to drink every single day, or if you drink during the day frequently, these are all bad signs that you need to get help.

5. You’ve tried to stop drinking but can’t.

If you have tried to stop drinking, you may need to seek treatment through a rehabilitation facility so that addiction professionals will be able to help you with your alcoholism.

If you find you are at the point where you need to go to rehab, it is essential that you find a rehabilitation facility so that you will be able to get the help you deserve.